Music Obsession: Chet Faker


Chet Faker is the man. The beard, the beats, the the faultless voice.

I am pretty sure I love everything about him.Chet-Faker-Grateful-Grapefruit-3

I love his beard.


I love his beats.


I love the fact that his real name is Nicholas James Murphy… He decided to use a stage name when he started getting confused with another Nick Murphy. He chose Chet Faker as a homage to Chet Baker, who he is a big fan of.


+ I gotta get my hands on some of his merch 🙂

But more than I want those awesome socks, I want all of you guys to know about him and enjoy his so-amazing-words-cannot-describe-how-much-I-love-it music…

Doesn’t his voice just melt your soul?!

Check out his websiteInstagram, Twitter or Facebook for more marvellous music!

So now go! Go, and explore further the musical wonder of the one and only, Chet Faker.Chet-Faker-alt-pic-21

All is Good



Strawberrry Bliss Balls

If you follow my Instagram, @allisgoodblog you will be well aware that I love food. I mean, honestly, who doesn’t?! No friend of mine. But as a lot of people will have experienced, the food that gets the label ‘tasty’ is also tagged with the label ‘unhealthy.’ Man, that sucks.

But you may have also noticed that most the pictures of food that ever go on my Instagram are guilt-free, healthy and still delicious treats! Even though I am fond of chocolate, pizza, fizzy and all the rest, the gross feeling that I have after eating any of this stuff outweighs the nice taste of it on my tongue. I know that the ingredients in what I just ate are bad for my body and I can feel it too; bloating, bad skin etc. And I am sure I am not alone in this, so I decided to share a tasty recipe that I recently tried out and would love for you to re-create and feel great about eating!


This recipe has been inspired by Pete Evans’ ‘Family Food’ Cookbook.

P1040496 yesyes4 yes3yesyesyes (3)    yes6   


  • 10 medjool dates
  • 1/2 a banana
  • 1 punnet of chopped strawberries
  • 2 cups of nuts, I used almonds and cashews
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil, preferably melted
  • 3 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup desiccated coconut + extra for rolling


  1. Place all ingredients in food processor (or bowl- I used a hand-held blade and it was fine) and pulse until you have reached the desired texture. I like them mostly smooth, with a bit of crunch from the unprocessed nuts.
  2. Make sure you have washed your hands and then simply take a chunk of the mixture in your hands and roll it into a ball, whatever size you desire. Roll this ball in coconut until covered and then place on plate or tray
  3. Repeat until all the mixture are rolled and covered, then place plate into fridge to set- half an hour minimum.
  4. Enjoy! These balls serve well for about a week, refrigerated.

Please try these out and let me know how they go!

All is Delicious,

Anonymous xxxxx

PS. I have been hectically busy at the moment and have just back from a wifi-less holiday. I am looking forward to getting right back onto the blogging-wagon asap!

Looking for Alaska Book Review

sideJohn green back looking

About Looking for Alaska

Before. Miles “Pudge” Halter’s whole existence has been one big nonevent, and his obsession with famous last words has only made him crave the “Great Perhaps” (François Rabelais, poet) even more. He heads off to the sometimes crazy, possibly unstable, and anything-but-boring world of Culver Creek Boarding School, and his life becomes the opposite of safe. Because down the hall is Alaska Young. The gorgeous, clever, funny, sexy, self-destructive, screwed-up, and utterly fascinating Alaska Young, who is an event unto herself. She pulls Pudge into her world, launches him into the Great Perhaps, and steals his heart.

After. Nothing is ever the same.


I read this book in one day. I could probably stop there- I think that on its own says everything you need to know about the book. The amount of time it takes a person to read a book, in my opinion, says a lot about the book itself. In this case, having finished it in one day, you will be able to tell that this book is an interesting read, with awe-striking characters and an enticing plotline. You will know that it is easy to get lost in the depths of this book- it will not leave your hand until the (very real) countdown is over.


9/10, as this book needs an acquired taste and even though I loved it, it is not all the way up there.


Yes, absolutely. In fact, I can’t wait to re-read this book.

Favourite character

None. I cannot make a decision. All the characters in this book are wonderfully unique and perfectly screwed-up human beings; I find them all fascinating. Fascinating from a distance, as in I didn’t connect with any of these characters because I live in a complete different world than they do. This is not a bad thing, it just means that they all intrigue me.

Memorable moment – SPOLIER

This would have to be when the three boys, plus Lara fulfil Alaska’s final and most elaborate prank yet. It was hilarious and heart-warming, made even more intense by the ‘Eagles’ soft reaction. He touched the readers with his fond, knowing kindness.

Favourite Line/s

“I go to seek a great perhaps”

These were the last words of Francois Rabelais and are referred to quite a bit throughout the book. They are really thought-provoking words and those kind of words are my favourite ones.

“If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.”

This is the quote which has been plucked out of the book and thrown everywhere for advertising purposes etc. but you can understand why, right? That is a really and truly incredible line!

This book would be great if you…

love strange, yet moving stories about teenagers that you, and everyone else will never be able to quite figure out. Perfect if you enjoyed Its Kind of a Funny Story, The Perks of Being a Wallflower or any other John Greene novel, really.

Final Thoughts

Woah. That is my response to the book in a nutshell. You can tell a good book by how much it makes you think and boy, I could be up all night due to this one. Thanks John Green, you did it again.

All is Good,

Anonymous x


Spots. Pimples. Blackheads. Whiteheads. Acne: different words, all the same horrible thing which everybody dreads. Always coming at the worst times (photo day, before a date, wedding day) they are a huge tug against our self-esteem. I think that the best way to get rid of a spot is to avoid getting one in the first place! Now, of course you are going to get an annoying little pimple every now and again; that’s just a part of life. I mean, my skin is by no means perfect, but I personally have noticed a huge difference in my skin when undertaking the following advice:

Drink, drink, drink (water, water, water)


If I ever have a bad bunch of bad breakouts the first thing that pops into my head is DRINK MORE WATER! WHY? One of the reasons that your skin breaks out is because of what is going on inside of your body. Imagine if you had eaten a whole lot of junk food; that would be in your body, being processed and it would show up in many different ways- one of them being your skin. Drinking a lot of water (but obviously lot drowning yourself by drinking too much) will flush out your system and your body will hopefully have no more badness to translate onto your face!

Avoiding certain foods


A lot of other advice pages would just have written ‘sweets.’ But in truth, there are tonnes of foods that can cause your skin to break out (unfortunately, they are all tasty.) I try to avoid: lollies, chocolate, fizzy drink (sugar in general- and more stuff than you think has sugar in it,) bread, baking, biscuits, alcohol.

Using natural products


Absolutely anything that you put on your skin will be made a hundred time better if it is completely natural and organic. Make-up, face wash, moisturiser, soap. Putting any type of chemical, which almost all products in the world contain, is not good for your skin. I mean, it is a chemical! How could it be?! Even face wash products from Clearasil etc. have bad chemicals in them :/ Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling you not to use them and I’m certainly not saying that they won’t get rid of a few pimples, but I believe that my skin would be better off without them. You are allowed to believe the complete opposite! If you are interested, I will briefly tell you that my favourite natural brands (off the top of my head) Natural Instinct, Organic Care, Weleda, Earthwise and Ceres Organic.

Avoiding makeup


This is a rather hard one for some! Any make-up is going to not let your skin breathe, clog up your pores and most likely feed your skins more chemicals. No way am I ever going to STOP wearing make-up, but on the weekends or days I’m not busy I either keep my make-up on the d-low or not wear it at all. It’s kinda nice actually.

Wash your face


Twice a day; morning and night. This is a dead obvious one, which is why I will expand on my “techniques” for a bit. In the morning I splash a lot of lukewarm (or even cold) water on my face, with a tiny bit or no face-wash and no flannel, just to brighten myself up and start the day with a fresh face. In the evening it is a bigger deal, as I will be cleaning off make-up, as well as the dirt and germs that have somehow gotten there throughout the long day. I will splash on some warm water, give my face a thorough wash with face wash and then wipe it off with a flannel. Finished and ready for my beauty sleep!

Coconut oil


Coconut oil has so many amazing uses; for cooking, eating and beauty! You won’t understand how amazing it is until you try it, so I suggest you do- Just purchase it at a local organic supply. It melts in your hands, so just apply it to my face (plus body) wait 10-15 minutes and take a hot, soapy shower to wash it off. So smoooooth and clean… watch out for a post about coconut oil on All is Good soon!

Don’t overdo it.


Now I know that it is easy (in desperation, especially) to run off and do everything in the books to get rid of you spots ASAP. But I’m sorry to tell you that spending an afternoon trying out seven different facemasks isn’t going to cause any miracles; neither is using four different face washes morning, evening and night! In fact, mixing all of these things will probably have an adverse effect. As a rule, I finish one. whole. face wash. before starting a new one to give my skin time to adjust. These things take time, so just go with it and eventually your skin will fix itself.

I hope that you try some, if not all, of these things out! I think that if they have the same effect on you as they did on me, you will really love them. And not only do these tips fight the dreaded spot, but they are a few good habits to develop for your health in general. Let me know how they go and add your own healthy + natural remedies in the comments.

All is less pimply. (Good!)

Love, Anonymous

P.S I am not any type of skin specialist! These are just my personal things which I feel comfortable doing to help out my skin!

The Liebster Award Nomination!

So I was literally sitting in bed, eating a plate of delicious scrambled eggs and doing the scheduled daily social media check-up, when I noticed a comment on my latest post… it was a nomination for the Liebster Award! Liebster Award Logo

If you are unaware of what this is, (like I was) here is some info:

  • It is not a competition. It is more like a chain letter, forwarded between small-time bloggers in order to give them some recognition and so everyone can discover some amazing blogs that have been over-looked.
  • The word “liebster” is German has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, valued & more.
  • This is a small but great thing to receive, so breaking the chain would be really rude (who would want to anyway?!)

I literally got a tear in my eye when I got nominated by the beautiful Charlotte from The Homely ChicThank you so much! I was not expecting at all, let alone so soon into my blog. I have to say I am really enjoying the whole blogging experience so far- even without this award, I am so glad that I decided to do this 🙂

Without further ado, here are the rules:

  • Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions given by the nominator.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers) and link them.
  • Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
  • Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.

And here are my answers…

When did you start your blog?

I started my blog on the last day of 2014, when I wrote When One Door Closes, Another Opens.

Why did you start your blog?

I had wanted to start my blog for a while, but never gotten around to it. One day I thought, “if I don’t do it now I never will.” I just had a feeling that the blog had to begin in 2014- don’t ask why!

What are your new years resolutions for 2015?

Well, I did write a blog post about this also!

1. To always be happy and positive

2. To continue writing this blog!

3. To do my personal best at everything I do

UPDATE: So far, so good!!!

If you could go on holiday anywhere, where would you go?

Well, this is really hard because while I have been all over my country, I’ve only been out of it twice! So I have so many places left to visit and can’t wait to go travelling one day with friends like my parents did. If I got to book a holiday right now, Thailand would be the destination for sure!

What is your favourite clothing store?

This is complicated because I am way into fashion and looove designers, (Burberry, Chloe and Carven are faves at the moment) but at this point in my life I do not have that kind of money to be flinging around! Where I actually shop, the best are Glassons and Wild Pair.

What is your favourite season?

This is hard! I am a winter baby, so that’s what I’ll have to say. My favourite fashion trends are all A/W and I love falling asleep to the rain.

Flats or heels?

Again, complicated. I wear flats the most, but I like heels more.

What is your favourite film?

Wow, really really hard as I love so many genres of films and many films in each genre. But Bridget Jones’ Diary (1&2) is a move that I can watch over and over and over without ever getting bored- oh, but now heaps of more good movies are popping into my head! I think this calls for a blog post on movies, eh?

What TV show’s have you watched recently?

The Walking Dead, (omg I love that show 100% my fave) Downton Abbey & Greys Anatomy

What is your dream job?

My head says surgeon or doctor, because I am fascinated by the human body and health. But my heart says something like a professional event planner. Yes that sounds amazing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Somewhere far away from where I am now, enjoying the world, meeting cool new people and STILL BLOGGING!

Again, thank you Charlotte, i really enjoyed writing this post! I nominate Madellina Talks, Teenage Fashion UK, A Pretty Thought, Blossoming Daydreams, Life with ConfettiEmma Louise, Teen in the 21st, The Fashion Rose, Remember- Turn Left, The Simple Truths & Coraleena

Please answer:

  1. Why did you start your blog?
  2. What has been your favourite blog post to write?
  3. What are some of your favourite brands?
  4. QUICK! You’re late… you have your phone, keys and purse.. what 3 other things do you need?
  5. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  6. What is a habit you need to break?
  7. Favourite piece of clothing?
  8. What is something you really want to buy… but you’re still unsure?
  9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
  10. What is your least favourite thing about blogging?
  11. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

That was lots of fun! I love Q&A things- watching/reading them and doing it myself. Hope you enjoyed

All is Good

Anon xxx

CK Cosmetics Mini Review

I recently saw the Calvin Klein cosmetics on a sale website and decided to pick up a just a couple items and give them a whirl. I was rather surprised to see that they weren’t completely sold out, being so cheap ($5 per product.) But after trying them and then doing some looking around I understand why- I tell you at the end.


Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss in Shades of Pink


This gloss comes in a simple sweet package that I adore, but unfortunately it doesn’t go much further than that. The product has a really nice colour in the pot, but when applied to the lips it has a very subtle effect, even when applied thickly with a brush. It would be good if a no make-up look is what you were after. So I can live with that, but the major downfall of this product is the smell and taste of it. It reminds me of a cheap lip gloss you got when you were little- a sickly sweet smell and a lingering clammy taste. I know lip products are not for eating, but you can taste it on the lips and it’s not yummy at all! The gloss does last on your lips. If you don’t touch it. I give this product 5/10, as it leaves your lips feeling nice and soft.

Tempting glance Eye shadow in Vanilla Cream


I don’t like the packaging of the shadow as much as the gloss, but the product itself is better. It is such a light colour, that it takes a few swipes with your brush to get anything visible onto your eye, so I would not recommend this to anyone who is going for a dramatic look but I personally love it because it wakes up your eyes, especially if you continue into your inner corner and underneath the eye for a few mm. If I ever did a back to school make-up tutorial, it would be featured. This shadow has no smell and lasts for a while if cared for. I give it a 6.5/10.

Final thoughts

In the end, I say that these two products are not bad; I will use the eye shadow and gloss on days when make-up is minimal. But although I am going to use them, I am glad I did not buy more products and I would never repurchase again, as I could definitely get my hands on products with better quality.

When I was writing this post, I did some research and discovered that the collection that I purchased has been discontinued for a while now, which is why they were so cheap when I purchased them on the sale website. Calvin Klein now has a new line of cosmetics, ‘CK One’ which looks way better and that I would love to give a go.

So in the end, this may have been a useless review as they are hard to find. But you can find them and they are quite cheap (so tempting to buy) but I say use those few dollars towards another make-up item that you will enjoy more.

All is Good,

Anonymous xx

Wacko Websites

I think that anyone with extended internet surfing experience will remember that time (or those times) where your constant browsing took you deeper and deeper into the dark corners of the internet. When you find yourself in this abyss, I think that your reaction will be one of two things…



yesNow the first is probably better never to be spoken of again. The second?


So, that’s what I am going to do! In no particular order, these are 15 of the weirdest, yet most amazing and unique websites I have come across in my intensive explorations of the World Wide Web:

  1. Pointer, pointer                                                                                                                                                              Completely useless, yet 100 percent entertaining- if venturing into this magic, prepare for awe and amazement.Pointer
  2. World Cam                                                                                                                                                                      A whole new level of stalking- search a specific location and find out who has been there and Instagrammed it.World Cam
  3. This is why I’m Broke.                                                                                                                                                    Of course, online shopping got in this post. But just looking at all these wacky products is enjoyable! (Whilst wondering who would actually buy that.) Broke
  4. Invisible Cow                                                 cowcowcowcowcowcowcowcowcowcowCOWCOWCOWCOWCOWCOWCOW!!!! The internet’s version of hot’n’cold.. with cows. Cow
  5. Dear Photograph                                                                                                                                                      “Take a picture of a picture from the past in the present” Pic
  6. Uncyclopedia                                                                                                                                                                   A hilarious piss-take of Wikipedia. Uncyc
  7. 9 eyes                                                                                                                                                                                A collection of totally freaky pictures that have been discovered on Google maps. Cam9
  8. What the f@*k should i make for dinner?                                                                                                                          I apologize if this offends anyone, but I think it is hilarious and also pretty handy if you don’t know what to eat. food
  9. Future me                                                                                                                                                                 Write a letter to your future self… this could entail some amazing motivation Future
  10. Staggering Beauty                                                                                                                                                Definitely the weirdest out of the lot… Beauty
  11. Essay Typer                                                                                                                                                                 For acting busy when the teacher comes walking past, but probably not the best for handing in!Essay
  12. Zoom Quilt                                                                                                                                                                Never-ending. Wow. *mindblown* wooow
  13. Dear Blank, Please Blank                                                                                                                                             Go here for the harsh, yet hilarious truth LOL
  14. Draw a Stickman                                                                                                                                                              A cute interactive site that you should have a play on 🙂 Stickman
  15. The Useless Web                                                                                                                                                        The queen of all useless websites, leading you straight on to even more useless websites- the perfect tool for procrastination! Useless

So there they are! I hope that you enjoy looking at some of these crazy websites and hopefully you get all the laughs that I did making this post. Please save these for after you have finished whatever work or assignment you need to get done, because they are honestly a massive time-waster.. you have no idea how long it took me to finish this post.

Anyway, bye for now

All is Good,

Love Anonymous x

Love, Anonymous.

So if you have browsed through my blog or various social media pages, you will be aware that I am anonymous! You know I’m a girl, but you don’t know who I am, where I come from, what I look like, how old I am. Sorry guys, you are completely in the dark. However, this is no random decision. In fact, I have a few reasons why I have chosen this secrecy, which I am going to share with you, for in case anyone was wondering…

  1. Comfort and confidence

It sounds weird, but knowing that nobody know who I am gives me a sense of comfort, leading to confidence; I can write some crazy-ass stuff and nobody will ever know who wrote that! The fact is that I am hiding behind the safety of my screen… unfortunately that phrase gives off the completely the wrong vibe because a lot of people who hide are doing dodgy things, which FYI I completely am not!!!

  1. Still thinking

I love my friends and family to pieces, but for now this is something that I would be happier to keep under wraps. As I said in my first ever blog post, I am writing random things for random people to see, and I haven’t really come to terms with it! It is a weird (but incredibly fun) thing to do. I am not sure who will be against, it or who will support it (as there will definitely be a bit of both) but in all honesty, I am not ready to find out.

  1. Hate on the internet

At this point in time, I do not think I could deal with personal abuse from total strangers. I am not naive- I know that there will always be people who disagree with things and also people who ‘hate’ for no reason, but hating on my ideas and hating on me are completely different things and just for now, I want to avoid the latter at all costs

  1. No prejudice

This is more of a happy point compared to the previous (YAY!) Because you don’t know anything about me, no prejudice will come into play when reading my thoughts or opinions, or deciding whether or not to follow, or if to comment etcetera, etcetera. You can form your own, unbiased opinions on me based on the content on my blog, which is FULL of the real me!!!

 I am literally a blank page- you CAN’T judge me from the cover

  1. I care too much

Sure, I could overlook all of the above points. Turn around and say “Who cares what they think? I’m doing it for myself.” But (another fun fact about me) I care too much! I am a sensitive and observant person. If a friend is upset, I know straight away. If somebody gives me a strange look a worry about what is wrong and overthink the situation until I am in a tizzy- most of the time it was nothing! It is a fact about me that will wear off overtime, but always be present in my personality- so cannot be ignored.


You may be able to tell that I am young and still have a lot of growing up, ‘finding myself’ and confidence building to do- I feel like there were a lot of unsure quotes in the post (I’m not ready, can’t deal with it.) And I do hope you take it that way- as growing up. Because reading it myself I can see a girl with no self-confidence and low self-esteem writing this post, which is not who I am.

Sorry that this is not the most exciting post in the world, but I am sure that a few people would be interested, so thank you for bearing with me. You might even be able to relate to some of these points away from the internet/ blogging world.

One day I will be ready to overcome my listed points and share to the world who I truly am!!!

But for now, it is love Anon xxx

All is Good

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review


Batiste Dry Shampoo

It’s really gross, but the reality is that sometimes I don’t wash my hair. For wayyy too long. And then suddenly it dawns on me that “oh no. My hair looks like crap.”

*Enter panic mode*

There is no way I can be seen like this. I don’t have time to wash it now! What am I going to do?!?

Well, that’s what used to happen. Now, I have Batiste. Ahh Batiste, my saviour.

Batiste is a brand of dry, spray-on shampoo that is handy for when your hair is looking a bit greasy, but there is zero time to give it a proper wash. And girls, if this isn’t in your life already… just stop what you’re doing and go get it now.

Rating 9/10

Flaw I originally had put 10/10 above, but since have deducted a point when I realised that none of the ingredients in batiste are natural and neither is the packaging. Being a bit obsessed with organic and natural products, this had to be pointed out. However, the fact that I am using an un-natural product is a testament to how good it must be! (I am also aware that this product would not be able to be made natural, so compromises must be made)

Use Simply spray through the roots of your hair and ruffle it with the tips of your fingers, to disperse. So easy to use; basically magic.

Effectiveness I think you would be able to tell by now, that it works (otherwise no 9/10.) Yes!!! No more greasy hair- I now have the ability to wear a shameless high-pony 😉 The ‘shampoo’s’ effect would last you one day, but hopefully you would be going home to wash your hair anyway!

Smell As you can see in the picture, I own the tropical scent, which is coconut-y and sweet! I have smelt all of the other scents and would say that ‘tropical’ and ‘wild’ are my two favourites. The scent of the shampoo will also last for a day I your hair.

Packaging Each of the many scents has different packaging matching the theme of the scent. All cute and funky, there is nothing I would change J

Recommended to… LITERALLY ANYBODY! I love this product.

Value for money I purchased my 200ml bottle for $14 and so far it has been worth every cent. It obviously lasts a while because you will (hopefully) not be using it every day- just when necessary.

Repurchase? Absolutely. 110%.

Final thoughts So yeah, as you can see I really like this product and think you should buy it riiiight about now. Just so you know, this is not a sponsored blog (haha this is only my 4th blog! It is a while off.) These are my real opinions and true thoughts and one day in the future if I do get offered to review something, I will only accept if I really do like the product.

OH! There is also a really cute 50ml bottle which you can carry around it your handbag! It just gets better…

All is Good

Love, Anon xx