Music Obsession: Chet Faker


Chet Faker is the man. The beard, the beats, the the faultless voice.

I am pretty sure I love everything about him.Chet-Faker-Grateful-Grapefruit-3

I love his beard.


I love his beats.


I love the fact that his real name is Nicholas James Murphy… He decided to use a stage name when he started getting confused with another Nick Murphy. He chose Chet Faker as a homage to Chet Baker, who he is a big fan of.


+ I gotta get my hands on some of his merch 🙂

But more than I want those awesome socks, I want all of you guys to know about him and enjoy his so-amazing-words-cannot-describe-how-much-I-love-it music…

Doesn’t his voice just melt your soul?!

Check out his websiteInstagram, Twitter or Facebook for more marvellous music!

So now go! Go, and explore further the musical wonder of the one and only, Chet Faker.Chet-Faker-alt-pic-21

All is Good



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