Spots. Pimples. Blackheads. Whiteheads. Acne: different words, all the same horrible thing which everybody dreads. Always coming at the worst times (photo day, before a date, wedding day) they are a huge tug against our self-esteem. I think that the best way to get rid of a spot is to avoid getting one in the first place! Now, of course you are going to get an annoying little pimple every now and again; that’s just a part of life. I mean, my skin is by no means perfect, but I personally have noticed a huge difference in my skin when undertaking the following advice:

Drink, drink, drink (water, water, water)


If I ever have a bad bunch of bad breakouts the first thing that pops into my head is DRINK MORE WATER! WHY? One of the reasons that your skin breaks out is because of what is going on inside of your body. Imagine if you had eaten a whole lot of junk food; that would be in your body, being processed and it would show up in many different ways- one of them being your skin. Drinking a lot of water (but obviously lot drowning yourself by drinking too much) will flush out your system and your body will hopefully have no more badness to translate onto your face!

Avoiding certain foods


A lot of other advice pages would just have written ‘sweets.’ But in truth, there are tonnes of foods that can cause your skin to break out (unfortunately, they are all tasty.) I try to avoid: lollies, chocolate, fizzy drink (sugar in general- and more stuff than you think has sugar in it,) bread, baking, biscuits, alcohol.

Using natural products


Absolutely anything that you put on your skin will be made a hundred time better if it is completely natural and organic. Make-up, face wash, moisturiser, soap. Putting any type of chemical, which almost all products in the world contain, is not good for your skin. I mean, it is a chemical! How could it be?! Even face wash products from Clearasil etc. have bad chemicals in them :/ Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling you not to use them and I’m certainly not saying that they won’t get rid of a few pimples, but I believe that my skin would be better off without them. You are allowed to believe the complete opposite! If you are interested, I will briefly tell you that my favourite natural brands (off the top of my head) Natural Instinct, Organic Care, Weleda, Earthwise and Ceres Organic.

Avoiding makeup


This is a rather hard one for some! Any make-up is going to not let your skin breathe, clog up your pores and most likely feed your skins more chemicals. No way am I ever going to STOP wearing make-up, but on the weekends or days I’m not busy I either keep my make-up on the d-low or not wear it at all. It’s kinda nice actually.

Wash your face


Twice a day; morning and night. This is a dead obvious one, which is why I will expand on my “techniques” for a bit. In the morning I splash a lot of lukewarm (or even cold) water on my face, with a tiny bit or no face-wash and no flannel, just to brighten myself up and start the day with a fresh face. In the evening it is a bigger deal, as I will be cleaning off make-up, as well as the dirt and germs that have somehow gotten there throughout the long day. I will splash on some warm water, give my face a thorough wash with face wash and then wipe it off with a flannel. Finished and ready for my beauty sleep!

Coconut oil


Coconut oil has so many amazing uses; for cooking, eating and beauty! You won’t understand how amazing it is until you try it, so I suggest you do- Just purchase it at a local organic supply. It melts in your hands, so just apply it to my face (plus body) wait 10-15 minutes and take a hot, soapy shower to wash it off. So smoooooth and clean… watch out for a post about coconut oil on All is Good soon!

Don’t overdo it.


Now I know that it is easy (in desperation, especially) to run off and do everything in the books to get rid of you spots ASAP. But I’m sorry to tell you that spending an afternoon trying out seven different facemasks isn’t going to cause any miracles; neither is using four different face washes morning, evening and night! In fact, mixing all of these things will probably have an adverse effect. As a rule, I finish one. whole. face wash. before starting a new one to give my skin time to adjust. These things take time, so just go with it and eventually your skin will fix itself.

I hope that you try some, if not all, of these things out! I think that if they have the same effect on you as they did on me, you will really love them. And not only do these tips fight the dreaded spot, but they are a few good habits to develop for your health in general. Let me know how they go and add your own healthy + natural remedies in the comments.

All is less pimply. (Good!)

Love, Anonymous

P.S I am not any type of skin specialist! These are just my personal things which I feel comfortable doing to help out my skin!