CK Cosmetics Mini Review

I recently saw the Calvin Klein cosmetics on a sale website and decided to pick up a just a couple items and give them a whirl. I was rather surprised to see that they weren’t completely sold out, being so cheap ($5 per product.) But after trying them and then doing some looking around I understand why- I tell you at the end.


Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss in Shades of Pink


This gloss comes in a simple sweet package that I adore, but unfortunately it doesn’t go much further than that. The product has a really nice colour in the pot, but when applied to the lips it has a very subtle effect, even when applied thickly with a brush. It would be good if a no make-up look is what you were after. So I can live with that, but the major downfall of this product is the smell and taste of it. It reminds me of a cheap lip gloss you got when you were little- a sickly sweet smell and a lingering clammy taste. I know lip products are not for eating, but you can taste it on the lips and it’s not yummy at all! The gloss does last on your lips. If you don’t touch it. I give this product 5/10, as it leaves your lips feeling nice and soft.

Tempting glance Eye shadow in Vanilla Cream


I don’t like the packaging of the shadow as much as the gloss, but the product itself is better. It is such a light colour, that it takes a few swipes with your brush to get anything visible onto your eye, so I would not recommend this to anyone who is going for a dramatic look but I personally love it because it wakes up your eyes, especially if you continue into your inner corner and underneath the eye for a few mm. If I ever did a back to school make-up tutorial, it would be featured. This shadow has no smell and lasts for a while if cared for. I give it a 6.5/10.

Final thoughts

In the end, I say that these two products are not bad; I will use the eye shadow and gloss on days when make-up is minimal. But although I am going to use them, I am glad I did not buy more products and I would never repurchase again, as I could definitely get my hands on products with better quality.

When I was writing this post, I did some research and discovered that the collection that I purchased has been discontinued for a while now, which is why they were so cheap when I purchased them on the sale website. Calvin Klein now has a new line of cosmetics, ‘CK One’ which looks way better and that I would love to give a go.

So in the end, this may have been a useless review as they are hard to find. But you can find them and they are quite cheap (so tempting to buy) but I say use those few dollars towards another make-up item that you will enjoy more.

All is Good,

Anonymous xx


Batiste Dry Shampoo Review


Batiste Dry Shampoo

It’s really gross, but the reality is that sometimes I don’t wash my hair. For wayyy too long. And then suddenly it dawns on me that “oh no. My hair looks like crap.”

*Enter panic mode*

There is no way I can be seen like this. I don’t have time to wash it now! What am I going to do?!?

Well, that’s what used to happen. Now, I have Batiste. Ahh Batiste, my saviour.

Batiste is a brand of dry, spray-on shampoo that is handy for when your hair is looking a bit greasy, but there is zero time to give it a proper wash. And girls, if this isn’t in your life already… just stop what you’re doing and go get it now.

Rating 9/10

Flaw I originally had put 10/10 above, but since have deducted a point when I realised that none of the ingredients in batiste are natural and neither is the packaging. Being a bit obsessed with organic and natural products, this had to be pointed out. However, the fact that I am using an un-natural product is a testament to how good it must be! (I am also aware that this product would not be able to be made natural, so compromises must be made)

Use Simply spray through the roots of your hair and ruffle it with the tips of your fingers, to disperse. So easy to use; basically magic.

Effectiveness I think you would be able to tell by now, that it works (otherwise no 9/10.) Yes!!! No more greasy hair- I now have the ability to wear a shameless high-pony 😉 The ‘shampoo’s’ effect would last you one day, but hopefully you would be going home to wash your hair anyway!

Smell As you can see in the picture, I own the tropical scent, which is coconut-y and sweet! I have smelt all of the other scents and would say that ‘tropical’ and ‘wild’ are my two favourites. The scent of the shampoo will also last for a day I your hair.

Packaging Each of the many scents has different packaging matching the theme of the scent. All cute and funky, there is nothing I would change J

Recommended to… LITERALLY ANYBODY! I love this product.

Value for money I purchased my 200ml bottle for $14 and so far it has been worth every cent. It obviously lasts a while because you will (hopefully) not be using it every day- just when necessary.

Repurchase? Absolutely. 110%.

Final thoughts So yeah, as you can see I really like this product and think you should buy it riiiight about now. Just so you know, this is not a sponsored blog (haha this is only my 4th blog! It is a while off.) These are my real opinions and true thoughts and one day in the future if I do get offered to review something, I will only accept if I really do like the product.

OH! There is also a really cute 50ml bottle which you can carry around it your handbag! It just gets better…

All is Good

Love, Anon xx